North Africa

The North Africa region is highly vulnerable to climatic impacts on ecosystems in both rural and urbanized areas. Climate change will dramatically worsen existing environmental problems such as heat waves, droughts, water shortages, and exhaustion of other resources, especially since the resilience of ecosystems is limited.

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Urban Agriculture Casablanca (UAC)

German-Moroccan research project within the BMBF Megacity Research Program "Research for the Sustainable Development of Tomorrow's Megacities" on urban agriculture as an integrated factor of a climate-optimized urban development.

(Project completed)



Bahi, Hicham; Rhinane, Hassan; Bensalmia, Ahmed; Fehrenbach, Ute; Scherer, Dieter
Effects of Urbanization and Seasonal Cycle on the Surface Urban Heat Island Patterns in the Coastal Growing Cities: A Case Study of Casablanca, Morocco
Remote Sensing, 8 (10) :829


Urban Agriculture for Growing City Regions: Connecting Urban-Rural Spheres in Casablanca
In Giseke, Undine and Gerster-Bentaya, Maria and Helten, Frank and Kraume, Matthias and Scherer, Dieter and Spars, Guido and Amraoui, Fouad and Adidi, Abdelaziz and Berdouz, Said and Chlaida, Mohemed and Mansour, Majid and Mdafai, Mohamed, Editor
Publisher: Routledge, London
October 2015