Central Europe

Germany and Switzerland have significantly better coverage with measuring stations compared to other regions of the world. Nevertheless, for generating spatial climate-related data for large regions – as is included, for example, in regional climate analysis maps – combining numerical modeling with satellite data of the study area is advisable.



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Climate and Water under Change

The Einstein Research Unit Climate and Water under Change (CliWaC) is a transdisciplinary research initiative of the Berlin University Alliance dedicated to investigating water-related risks of climate change in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. CliWaC aims to unite expertise from social and natural sciences, along with practical insights from stakeholders, to formulate mitigation and adaptation measures against the impacts of climate change.

Start of the project: 01.01.2022

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The Central Europe Refined Analysis (CER)

The atmospheric data set Central Europe Refined Analysis version 2 (CER v2) covers the period 1980 - 2022 and provides gridded two-dimensional fields of many atmospheric variables.

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Dieter Ernst Scherer



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