Field Training in North Sweden

Field training supervisor

The Field Training takes place in the Abisko region in Northern Sweden every second year.

Next Field Training:  Summer Semester 2023, August 21 to September 4, 2023.

Information about registration and preliminary meetings, as well as other important details, can be found on the ISIS page.

Module descriptions for B.Sc./M.Sc. Ökologie und Umweltplanung (Ecology and Environmental Planning), M.Sc. Stadtökologie (Urban Ecosystem Sciences) here.

Prof. Dr.

Dieter Scherer

Office AB 3

Program organization

Field training duration is 15 days within the lecture-free period of the semester at TU Berlin. It consists of eleven days at the tourist station in Katterjokk and four days at the Tarfala research station. The course is thematically structured into an excursion and field training. The Tarfala research station and the glaciers observed at this station are visited in the excursion part. During the field training, various meteorological parameters are measured and evaluated in Katterjokk with the help of automated measuring stations, and the results are presented in talks.


Course participation

The course is suitable for the following study programs of the Technical University of Berlin:

  • M.Sc. Urban Ecology
  • B.Sc. / M.Sc. Ecology and Environmental Planning

Prerequisites for successful participation in the Field Training are besides basic meteorological and climatological knowledge, above all, interest and commitment.

The status of the preparations for the current field training in Northern Sweden can be found in the corresponding course on the ISIS platform (student learning platform of TU Berlin).


Contents of field course and excursion are topics related to:

  • topo- and microclimatic phenomena
  • experimental research methods
  • sensor technology and data acquisition systems
  • conception and realization of meteorological station measurements
  • data processing, evaluation, and visualization methods
  • interpretation of results

Excursion area