Experimental Laboratory

Management and Contact Persons

The Experimental Laboratory at the Chair of Climatology is responsible for the development of hardware and software solutions for the acquisition, analysis and management of atmospheric data. The Experimental Lab includes various components for conducting stationary and mobile measurements as well as software solutions for data management and data analysis for the Urban Climate Observatory Berlin (UCO) and for experimental studies in the context of research projects and courses.

Achim Holtmann

Office AB 3

The Makerspace of the Chair of Climatology is used for the development, production and application of measurement systems with low-cost sensors and microcontrollers in the context of courses and research projects.

Comparative measurements to ensure scientific data quality and calibration of sensors are performed using field experiments or in the climate chamber of the Institute of Ecology. For data management, database systems are used to document and make the workflow from raw data to processing, import, calibration and filtering of the data reproducible.

The BIOMET station is used for human-biometeorological studies. With the help of three radiation balance sensors (Kipp & Zonen, CNR4), short- and long-wave radiation flux densities from six spatial directions are measured to derive an average radiation temperature. The BIOMET station can be used stationary or mobile.