Dr. Marco Otto

Career progression

Since 2018Fellow of Stifterverband (project description) with the project Digital Making for everyone and everywhere! Research (learning) in the mobile Makerspace in cooperation with Alexandra Schulz (online teaching team of ZEWK TU Berlin) and Loes van Schaik (research associate at the Department of Ecohydrology & Landscape Assessment at TU Berlin).
Since 2013Research assistant (PostDoc) at the Chair of Climatology
2013 - 2014Learning to Teach Online - Extra occupational certificate course at the TU Berlin
04/2013PhD (Dr. rer. nat.)
Doctoral Thesis: "Spatio-Temporal Modifications of Mountainous Land Cover in Relation to Precipitation in the Central Andes."
09/2007Graduate Engineer of Landscape Planning
Diploma Thesis: "Vegetation change in high Andean wetlands in southern Peru using remote sensing analysis as a contribution to environmental planning"
2005 - 2007Student Assistant at the chair of climatology (Prof. Scherer)
2003 - 2008Coordinator of the student project: Conservation of Peruvian Terraces - Laraos (Peru) WMF-Watch Site in 2008
2003 - 2005Student Assistant at the chair of Hydrologic Balance and Cultural Technology (Prof. Diestel)
2000 - 2007Studies of Landscape Planning at the TU-Berlin

Research field

Landscape Ecology
Remote Sensing
Office AB 3
Building AB-3






Wang, Xun; Schmidt, Benjamin; Otto, Marco; Ehlers, Todd A.; Mutz, Sebastian G.; Botsyun, Svetlana; Scherer, Dieter
Sensitivity of Water Balance in the Qaidam Basin to the Mid‐Pliocene Climate
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 126 (16)
August 2021
ISSN: 2169-897X, 2169-8996
Wang, Xun; Otto, Marco; Scherer, Dieter
Atmospheric triggering conditions and climatic disposition of landslides in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan at the beginning of the 21st century
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 21 (7) :2125–2144
July 2021
ISSN: 1684-9981
Wang, Xun; Schmidt, Benjamin; Scherer, Dieter; Otto, Marco
WRF dynamical downscaling of present-day and mid-Pliocene atmospheric conditions over High Mountain Asia


Rost, Annemarie Tabea; Liste, Victoria; Seidel, Corinna; Matscheroth, Lea; Otto, Marco; Meier, Fred; Fenner, Daniel
How Cool Are Allotment Gardens? A Case Study of Nocturnal Air Temperature Differences in Berlin, Germany
Atmosphere, 11 (5) :500
Wang, Xun; Tolksdorf, Vanessa; Otto, Marco; Scherer, Dieter
WRF–based dynamical downscaling of ERA5 reanalysis data for High Mountain Asia: Towards a new version of the High Asia Refined analysis
International Journal of Climatology, 41 :743–762


Project supervision Bachelor program Ökologie und Umweltplanung (Ecology and Environmental Planning):

  • Vertiefungsprojekte (Study Projects II):

    • WS 2020/2021 / SS 2021: "Stadt, Land (ohne) Fluss?" – Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf den regionalen Wasserhaushalt
    • SS 2020: "Sommer ohne Wasser" – Auswirkungen von Trockenperioden auf den Wasserhaushalt landwirtschaftlich genutzter Lebensräume
    • SS 2019: "UV-Exposition von Stadtbewohner*innen"
    • WS 2017/2018 / SS 2018: "Insulaner" - Ursachen und Variabilität der städtischen Wärmeinsel und ihre Auswirkungen auf den Menschen
    • WS 2016/2017 / SS 2017: Stadt-grün-Klima? - Wechselwirkungen zwischen urbaner Atmosphäre und Vegetation
    • WS 2015/2016 / SS 2016: "Climates In The Hood!" - Analyse und Bewertung klimatischer Bedingungen innerhalb eines Stadtquartiers am Beispiel des Brunnenviertels in Berlin-Mitte
    • WS 2014/2015 / SS 2015: Kopfweiden und Waldmoore – Klimaschutz und Kulturlandschaft am Beispiel des Biosphärenreservats Flusslandschaft Elbe

Project Supervision of master program Urban Ecology:

  • WS 2021/2022 supervision of Masters project
    "Adapt... or Suffer!" – Climate adaptation in urban areas using the example of the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region
  • WS 2019/2020 supervision of Masters project
    "No PhD needed!" – Citizen Science in the Environmental Sciences - Potentials, Limitations and Concepts for Regional Climate Research.
  • SS 2018 WS 2018/2019 supervision of Masters project
    From surface to space - Linking urban fabrics to urban heat island effects


Lectures, tutorials, integrated courses, Übungen und integrierte Veranstaltungen:


Supervision of theses (selection):

  • Kuhlmeyer, K. (2018): Intra-urban variability of nocturnal air and surface temperatures during summer in Berlin, Germany. M.Sc. Stadtökologie
  • Arndt, A. (2017): Recent mass balance of the Purogangri Ice Cap, central Tibetan Plateau, as resolved by the High Asia Refined analysis. M.Sc. Technischer Umweltschutz
  • Ewinger, P. (2017): Klimatische Bedingungen in Marokko und deren Auswirkungen auf das Migrationsverhalten europäischer Zugvögel. B.Sc. Technischer Umweltschutz
  • Felten, B. (2015): Wetland or cropland? Differentiating land cover of the high Andes applying open-access remote sensing data. B.Sc. Ökologie und Umweltplanung
  • Massa, L. (2012): Satellitengestützte hochauflösende Klimazonierung der südhemisphärischen tropischen Anden. B.Sc. Technischer Umweltschutz
  • Wascher, L. (2010): Initiating A Wetland Inventory In The Ecoregion Puna Of Peru. (B.Sc.)