Automotive Engineering


At FaSTTUBe, a team of young, dedicated students from various disciplines at the Technical University of Berlin builds a new fully electric and autonomous formula-class race car every year.

Formula Student Team of the TU Berlin

Under the umbrella of the Department of Automotive Engineering, mechanical engineers, automotive engineers, industrial engineers, electrical engineers, computer scientists and many others join forces at FaSTTUBe for a wide range of practical tasks. Theoretical knowledge learned in lectures can be applied and expanded at FaSTTUBe. Skills that are important for later professional life, such as teamwork, project management, dealing with project partners, flexibility and resilience, are put to the test and trained. Of course, having fun in the team and on the project also plays a major role at FaSTTUBe.

The renowned international design competition Formula Student Germany (FSG) gives the students the task of designing and producing a complete racing car and using it in a race. Universities from all over the world come together to compete with each other on the race track. In this context, FaSTTUBe develops and builds a new racing car every year while the students are studying.

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Ingo Wülfing

Technical Administration

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