Automotive Engineering

Vertical test bench


Road excitations lead to vibrations of the entire vehicle and the mounted components
The resulting vehicle movements, vibrations and noises affect the driving and acoustic comfort of the vehicle occupants
Effect of road excitations on vehicle motion and vibrations can be tested under laboratory conditions

Technical data

Nominal force per cylinder: 16 kN
Maximum cylinder stroke: 250 mm
Feed pressure: 280 bar
Maximum wheelbase: approx. 3.10 m
Maximum track width: approx. 1.66 m


Road unevenness is measured or calculated using mathematical approximation methods
Vehicle is positioned with wheels mounted on four hydraulic stamps
Simulation of road excitation by moving the hydraulic rams in and out → Measurement of the vehicle reaction
For subjective driving comfort evaluation, performance of subject studies


Objective and subjective ride comfort evaluation
Evaluation of damping and suspension characteristics
Development of new chassis control systems and functions
Evaluation of chassis control behavior


Objective and subjective evaluation of ride comfort, damping and suspension characteristics, and chassis control behavior


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