Automotive Engineering

Vehicle-in-the-loop test bench


The highly dynamic Vehicle-in-the-Loop test bench (ViL test bench) enables the investigation, analysis and development of powertrain, chassis control systems and energy management concepts of current and future motor vehicles. The ViL test bench can be used to investigate prototype powertrains as well as complete test or production vehicles (combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles). Compared to field tests, the ViL test bench offers high reproducibility, efficiency more safety and greater variability of test conditions (road conditions, weather, ...).

The test bench concept is based on a powertrain test bench with complete vehicle. Highly dynamic load machines are used to ensure real performance conditions up to the driving dynamic limits. Steering interventions are made possible by mechanically decoupling the steering linkage from the wheel carrier and attaching a linear steering actuator. The test vehicle is connected to the virtual environment via suitable sensor interfaces. This ensures that the control units are supplied with all necessary environmental and vehicle dynamics variables. A battery simulator is used for the efficient development and evaluation of innovative operating strategies for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Technical data

Load machines:
Nominal power per machine: 200 kW
Maximum power per machine: 250 kW
Maximum speed per machine: 3000 rpm
Battery simulator:
Maximum power: 250 kW
Maximum voltage: 800 V
Maximum current: 600 A


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