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Steering test bench


The Steering-in-the-Loop test bench is suitable for the development and testing of all types of steering systems in the passenger car sector for all design-relevant load cases. The test stand generates maximum rack forces of 20 kN at adjustment speeds of 200 mm/s via a powerful linear actuator. A steering robot provides steering torques of 50 Nm at rotational speeds of 500 rpm at the steering wheel. Additional test bench sensors for rack force (0 - 20 kN, 0.1 % tolerance), rack position (resolution: 1 µm), steering angle (resolution: 0.072°), torsion bar torque (±50 Nm, 0.2 % tolerance), EPS voltage and EPS current allow influences of the steering system sensors to be checked. A dSpace Autobox allows external control of the steering system.  

Via the connection to the IPG vehicle dynamics simulation program CarMaker, the steering test bench can be used "in-the-loop". This enables automated, structured and highly reproducible analyses of the steering in the virtual complete vehicle.    

In addition, the steering-in-the-loop test bench can be coupled with a driving simulator so that test subjects can perform driving maneuvers in a virtual environment and thereby experience the behavior of the steering on the test bench in real terms. To this end, the steering torques measured in the test rig's steering system are transmitted to the driving simulator's feedback actuator, where they are simulated in real time. In this way, the steering behavior of the steering system under investigation can already be experienced by the driver on the test rig.  



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