Automotive Engineering

Model vehicle


As a key research platform, the scaled test vehicle (1:10 scale) enables efficient pre-development of the algorithms in the entire solution pipeline from environmental perception and localization to trajectory planning and tracking, as well as the advanced AI algorithms for automated driving through rapid prototyping with necessary hardware and software components. The algorithms deployed in the scaled test vehicle can be tested reproducibly, flexibly, efficiently and safely in a tunable laboratory environment, providing a convincing early assessment of the maturity of the algorithms for their future transfer to the real full test vehicle.

Hardware of the scaled test vehicle 
Onboard processors: 
High-level computer:NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier
Low-level microcontroller:Aduino Mega 2560 Rev3
Environment sensors: 
Camera:ELP USB500W05G-L170
LiDAR:Velodyne VLP-16
Distance sensor:Pololu VL53L1X
GNSS/GPS IMU systems: 
GPS:Adafruit MTK3339
IMU:Adafruit BNO055
Vehicle related: 
Chassis:Team Magic E4JR II
Drive motor:Hobbywing Brushless 3650
Speed controller:Hobbywing XR10
Steering servo motor:Adafruit 1401 servo motor
Joystick:Xbox 360 Controller


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