Automotive Engineering

Driving simulator


With its realistic test environment, the driving simulator makes it possible for the driver to experience driving behavior already in the early product development phase. Both the subjective evaluation of driving functions and the objective evaluation of driving performance can be carried out with the help of the simulator. In addition, the driving simulator is suitable for testing safety-critical driving situations and investigating the controllability of critical driving maneuvers during driver interventions.


- Mock-up: Real vehicle with instrument cluster
- Motion platform for mock-up with max. 4° pitch and 5° roll angle
- Moving driver's seat with max. 4° pitch and roll angle
- Visualization: 180° front view, exterior and rearview mirrors
- Force feedback steering wheel: max .16 Nm
- Force feedback pedals: max .800 N
- Sound simulation: Vehicle, traffic & environmental noise
- Communication system between volunteer driver and experimenter



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