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AICON measuring system


The ProCam system from the manufacturer AICON is used for the purpose of spatial determination of coordinates of individual points, or for manual generation of point clouds. The construction and measurement methodology of this system are very simple and belong to its advantages.

The ProCam system consists of a probe, in which a camera with high resolution is integrated. The probe itself is connected to a PC station by a transmission cable.

The object to be measured is located in a delimited 3D space during a survey. The special feature of this space lies in high-precision measured reference measuring points, which are permanently installed on the boundary surfaces of the room.

When performing a measurement, the ProCam system's probe is pointed at the measurement point field. When the button is triggered, the coordinates of a point in the measuring room are recorded and forwarded to the PC station. The coordinates acquired in the course of a set measurement are displayed in tabular form on the screen of the PC station.

The main advantages of this system are its simple design, high accuracy and diverse software functions adapted to vehicle pre- and post-crash measurement.



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