Section on Matters of Academic Self-Administration - K3

Part-Time Women’s Representative (NFGB)

Election and appointment

Part-time women’s representatives and their deputies are elected by the responsible women’s council of the faculties or central institutes.
Women’s representatives in other central units and central service providers are directly elected by the female members of the unit.
Before the women’s representatives take office, the election protocol and appointment of the women’s representatives by the president (K 3 - KU, acting) must be submitted.

Current notices of elections are published here.

Allowance, time off from other duties, increased working hours

Upon presentation of their enrollment certificate, students working as part-time women’s representatives receive a representation allowance equating to payment of a student assistant in group 1 for up to 80 hours in a month.
Upon request, part-time women’s representatives will be relieved of up to 50% of their other official duties.
Women’s representatives who are on a part-time employment contract can request an increase in working hours in place of time off from duties. All requests must be submitted to the personnel department.

Legal Bases

You will find the legal bases for part-time women’s representatives e.g. in section 59 Berlin State Higher Education Act (Berliner Hochschulgesetz - BerlHG), section 59 Constitution of TU Berlin (Grundordnung der TU Berlin - GrundO), No. 10.13 Guidelines for the Advancement of Women at TU Berlin (Frauenförderrichtlinien der TU) and section 2 (5) no. 5 Act on Academic Fixed-Term Contracts (Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz-WissZeitVG)

Additional information will be provided at the homepage of the Main Women‘s Representative (Zentrale Frauenbeauftragte - ZFA)

List of women’s representatives

List of women's representatives (March, 2024)

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