Section on Matters of Academic Self-Administration - K3

Central Election Committee of Technische Universität Berlin (ZWV)


The Central Election Committee is responsible for conducting elections for the Executive Board (president and vice presidents), central committees (Board of Trustees, Academic Senate, Extended Academic Senate), Faculty Boards, Institute Councils, central institute advisory boards, and the women’s councils.

It establishes the dates for elections by resolution and takes decisions, in consultation with the decentralized election committees of the faculties, regarding the election locations, display of the electoral registers, examination and approval of the election nominations (candidates and lists), determination of the election results, as well as on challenges to election results.

Organization name Office of the Central Election Board
Office K 3 - Wahlen
Building H
Room H 2507
Address Zwischengeschoss - 2./3. OG Westflügel


The Central Election Committee is composed of seven members from the University’s four status groups, two each representing university professors, academic staff, and students and one member representing staff in technology, service, and administration.

Members of the Central Election Committee and their deputies are nominated by the Executive Board or members of the Academic Senate and appointed by the Academic Senate for a term of two years.


The next meeting of the Central Election Board will take place vsl. on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. in the Election Office Room H 2507.
Agenda: Committee elections in WS 2023/2024 (end of January 2024)