Section on Matters of Academic Self-Administration - K3

Academic Senate of Technische Universität Berlin (AS)

The TU Berlin Academic Senate is the central body of University member groups. The president of the University is the chair.
On this page you will find information about our tasks, members, minutes, meeting dates, and legal bases.

Please contact the office for further information or to view meeting documents.

Session dates

Wednesday, 06.12.2022
Wednesday, 17.01.2024
Wednesday, 14.02.2024
Wednesday, 13.03.2024
Wednesday, 17.04.2024
Wednesday, 08.05.2024
Wednesday, 05.06.2024
Wednesday, 26.06.2024
Wednesday, 17.07.2024
Wednesday, 11.09.2024

Michèle Heims

+49 30 314-26466

Office K 3 - AS
Room H 1037
Organization name Section on Matters of Academic Self-Administration
Office K 3 - EAS
Room H 1037