Section on Matters of Academic Self-Administration - K3

Head of section

Deputy head of section

Organization name Section on Matters of Academic Self-Administration
Office K 3 - L
Building H
Room H 1038
Address Straße des 17. Juni 135 10623 Berlin
Organization name Section on Matters of Academic Self-Administration
Office K 3 - L (V)
Building H

Christina Lütkebohmert (left) and Annette Hiller (right)

Please note that our staff codes have changed.

Please note that our room numbers have changed.

Contact persons

NameStaff codeRoomPhoneEmailArea of work
Annette HillerK 3 - LH 1038030 314 -
Head of section
Data protection officer

Legal supervision of the central and de-centralized committees, central institutes, joint committees, Election Office, study body, women’s representatives, University Constitution, fundamental issues of academic self-governance
Personnel matters in the section
Plans for the advancement of women (acting)
Christina LütkebohmertK 3 - L (V)H 2512030 314 - 24293leitung@k3.tu-berlin.deDeputy head of section
Affairs related to the faculties and central institutes, central faculties,
Student body, LKRP (presidents of the Berlin universities), HRK (German Rectors’ Conference)
Aenne ChalhoubK 3 - GKsH 2511030 314 - 22803aenne.chalhoub@tu-berlin.deJoint committees
University-adjacent institutions
Institutional memberships
Ulrike GrupeK 3 - KU
K 3 - Wahlen (Gru)
H 2510030 314 -
Office of the Board of Trustees (KU)
Assisting K 3 - Wahlen
Matters of the women’s representatives (acting)
Thomas MientusK 3 - SKH 1039030 314 -
Office of the Structural Committee (SK)
Registered associations (acting)
Marcel KroneK 3 - LSKH 1039030 314 - 23988lsk@tu-berlin.deOffice of the Teaching Committee (LSK)
Michèle HeimsK 3 - ASH 1037030 314 - 26466michele.heims@tu-berlin.deOffice of the Academic Senate (AS)
Assisting committee members
Lara van GemmernK 3 - EASH 1037030 314 - 22501vangemmern@tu-berlin.deOffice of the Extended Academic Senate (EAS)
Assists in the Office of the Academic Senate
Compensation for participation
Gerald WeberlingK 3 - WahlenH 2507030 314 - 22532k3-TB-wahlamt@win.tu-berlin.deElection Office
Office of the Central Election Committee (ZWV)

Editor of the TU Berlin Official Gazette (AMBl)
Dr. Mattis NeilingK 3 - DS 1H 1040030 314 - 28973info@datenschutz.tu-berlin.deDeputy data protection officer
Alexander HoffmeierK 3 - DS 2H 1040030 314 -
Deputy data protection officer
Anti-discrimination officer