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Teaching at ITP

The following courses take place annually (all in German):

Winter term
Theoretical Physics I - Mechanics (Compulsory course in Bachelor)
Theoretical Physics III - Electrodynamics and Optics (Compulsory course in Bachelor)
 Quantum mechanics II (Wahlpflichtfach im Master)

Summer term
Mathematical Methods (Compulsory course in Bachelor)
Theoretical Physics II - Quantenmechanik (Compulsory course in Bachelor)
Theoretical Physics IV - Thermodynamik und Statistik (Compulsory course in Bachelor)

As well as irregularly different elective courses in the Master such as general relativity, biological physics, colloid systems, nonlinear dynamics and control, statistical physics in equilibrium, statistical physics in non-equilibrium, theoretical solid state physics, theoretical optics and theoretical quantum optics.

Current Information

  • The assignment of tutorials, points and certificates for most of the institute's courses is done via the Moses system . Registration runs from April 01 or October 01 to the first Wednesday of the lecture period at 6:00 p.m.. A TU account is required. If you do not have a TU account, please contact zecm .
  • If paper certificates have been issued, they can be picked up at the EW 746 office.
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Current courses

Information on the courses of the current semester and previous semesters.

Canon of Theoretical Physics

We have compiled the most important topics of the theory courses in the canon of theoretical physics. This gives a good overview of exam topics in theoretical physics. (german only)