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Research at ISR

The Institute's research focus is highly application-oriented and is therefore particularly suitable for integration into teaching. This can be seen in the current range of external funding projects at the Institute. The funding partners are: Ministries and their research departments, federal states, local authorities, the EU, foundations and associations and, in individual cases, companies. The internationally oriented research projects of the ISR (EU, DAAD, BMBF) contribute significantly to the international profile of teaching.

The results of the research projects are incorporated into teaching in terms of both methodology and content. Students can also participate directly in research by working as student assistants on relevant projects or by making a contribution as part of their Bachelor's or Master's thesis or dissertation. A profile-shaping relationship between research activities and studies is provided by the specialization "Urban and Regional Research" in the Master's degree. In addition, students are given the opportunity to contribute to research in the subject areas of ongoing and/or planned research projects through student research projects. This creates a direct exchange between research and teaching.

There are close collaborations and institutional links with local authorities and regions as well as with other university and non-university scientific institutions through both research and study projects. These links not only consist of the formation of research collaborations with other research institutions, but are also systematically used for teaching purposes through the awarding of lectureships, guest lectures, etc.

The research projects can be found on the respective department pages.

Urban and Regional Development

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Swantje Grotheer


More research


Dissertations are an important part of the ISR's current research work. You can find an overview of current dissertations on the pages of the individual departments. Detailed information on completed doctorates at ISR can be found in the online archives of the TU Dissertation Office.