Information Systems Engineering

Cloud Services

The cloud is the backbone of modern applications, supporting everything from basic word processing to cutting-edge AI image generation and seamless video streaming to millions of devices worldwide. Cloud computing is a model that provides convenient, on-demand network access to almost limitless virtualized computing resources and a vast set of platform service offerings. By using the cloud, businesses, regardless of size, can effortlessly create elastic and scalable applications with minimal hassle.

At ISE, we're at the forefront of shaping the next generation of cloud computing. 
Our research spans a broad spectrum of cloud topics, including novel serverless computing platforms, microservice orchestration and observability frameworks, no-ops application platforms, blockchain integration, deployment in the cloud-edge continuum, and federated data-sharing ecosystems. We apply and validate these topics in real-world application domains, including future energy networkscarbon accounting, financial services, automotive supply chains and mobility scenarios.

We identify recurring problems in cloud-based application engineering and management and provide proven solutions to address these problems. In particular, we are interested in quantifying complex cloud service qualities, e.g., consistency, resilience, scalability, elasticity, privacy and transparency compliance, trustworthiness, and energy awareness. Specifically, we aim to support engineering and management tasks through cloud service benchmarking, cloud migration, capacity management, cost optimization, configuration and policy management and application platform co-design. Here, we strive to keep the entire development lifecycle manageable, observable and debuggable despite the pressures of agile rollout cycles.

In both our teaching and research, we emphasize staying cloud tech stack-agnostic. We're committed to integrating both emerging approaches and to continuously evaluate proven standards and solutions. Our goal is to equip students with the skills to work across any cloud platform, empowering them to navigate the evolving complexity of modern microservice-based applications and landscapes.

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The following projects, that focus on cloud services, have already been completed and can be found in the archive on our project site.

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