Information Systems Engineering

Maria Borges, M.Sc.

Maria Borges joined the ISE research group early 2018 after finishing her masters in Information Systems Management at the TU Berlin. Before joining ISE as an associate, she worked as a teaching and research assistant at the chair as well. 

Maria's research revolves around continuous software engineering practices and software architecture. Keeping track of personal data processing operations in dynamically emerging microservice architectures can be particularly challenging. Thus, Maria is interested in supporting GDPR compliance by increasing transparency and revealing personal data flows in these continuously evolving systems.  Beyond her main research interest, Maria is also drawn to topics such as API-design and serverless applications.

Maria Catarina Serrano Ramos Borges

Room E-N



Grünewald, Elias; Wille, Paul; Pallas, Frank; Borges, Maria C.; Ulbricht, Max-R.
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December 2019


Borges, Maria C.; Pallas, Frank; Peise, Marco
Providing Open Environmental Data - The Scalable and Web-Friendly Way
32nd International Conference on Environmental Information and Communication Technologies (EnviroInfo2018)