Information Systems Engineering

Jonathan Heiß, M.Sc.

Jonathan joined the ISE Research Group in 2018 as a research & teaching associate and PhD candidate after graduating from TU Delft and TU Berlin in the dual degree Master program ICT Innovation (2015-2017). His achievements were supported by the EIT Digital. Before that, he received his Bachelor’s degree from TU Dresden (2012-2015). During the Bachelor studies he spent a semester abroad at the Wroclaw University of Economics in Poland.

Jonathan’s research currently focuses on heterogeneous system architectures comprising trusted blockchain components and potentially non-trusted off-chain components. Particularly, he addresses the challenge to guarantee that events and data originating from off the blockchain are brought to the blockchain in a trustworthy manner, i.e., they are not tampered with or withheld while being off the blockchain. A detailed description of this problem can be found here.

Beyond blockchain technology, Jonathan’s research interests reach from distributed Big Data processing (master’s thesis) to off-chaining approaches (Middleware ‘18) and incentive-based detection mechanisms (ICBC ‘20).

Research interests

  • Blockchain
  • Trustworthy On-chaining, Off-chaining
  • Distributed Systems
Room E-N 250



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Heiss, Jonathan; Ulbricht, Max-R.; Eberhardt, Jacob
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - Towards Blockchain-based Consent Violation Detection
Proceedings of The IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (ICBC 2020), 3-6, May 2020, Toronto, Canada
May 2020


Heiss, Jonathan; Eberhardt, Jacob; Tai, Stefan
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2019 IEEE International Conference on Blockchain


Eberhardt, Jacob; Heiss, Jonathan
Off-chaining Models and Approaches to Off-chain Computations
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