Information Systems Engineering

Alvaro Alonso Domenech


Alvaro has a double degree in Business Administration, from UC3 Madrid, and in Computer Science from TU Berlin, where he subsequently completed his Master's degree in Computer Science. He joined the Information Systems Engineering department in 2022 and is currently working there as a research assistant in the ZoKratesPlus project. In the past, Alvaro has worked as a software developer at Universal, where he was responsible for the development and management of several business critical apps. Before that, he worked as a Data Scientist for several startups. Currently, Alvaro focuses on the application and scalability of zero-knowledge proofs inside and outside blockchains. He is also interested in topics such as software architectures, distributed systems, cloud computing and quantum computing.

Research interests

  • Cryptography and Zero-Knowledge Proofs
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Engineering Practices

Alvaro Alonso Domenech

Office EN14
Room E-N 245