Information Systems Engineering
About Us

The Information System Engineering (ISE) research group at TU Berlin was founded in 2014 and is headed by Prof. Stefan Tai.


Yixin Mao

Research Associate
+49 30 314 21390
Office E-N 248

Karl Wolf

Research Associate
+49 30 314 73478
Office E-N 250

Visiting Researchers

Student Research Assistants


Alumni of Prof. Tai's research group at the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)

Dr. Steffen Müller
Dr. Michael Menzel
Prof. Dr. Christian Janiesch
Dr. Robin Bühler
Dr. Erik Wittern
Prof. Dr. Jens Nimis
Dr. Alexander Lenk
Dr. Gregory Katsaros
David Müller
Bugra Derre
Prof. Dr. Christian Zirpins
Raffael Stein
Dr. Ulrich Scholten
Dr. Nelly Schuster
Stefan Holder