Insitute of Psychology and Ergonomics

Department of Age-Appropriate Human Machine Systems

The primary mission of the Department of Age-Appropriate Human Machine Systems (AHMS) is to improve the detection and management of physical and neurological injuries in real-life settings. Meeting this goal requires designing and fabricating non-invasive multimodal wearable sensors, data algorithms, user interfaces and cloud-based data systems capable of real-time health monitoring and clinical assessment.

The AHMS department consists of an interdisciplinary team of researchers that tackle challenging research problems both from building the enabling hardware and software systems to the deployment and evaluation of these technologies in real-world settings. Some examples of our solutions include wearable energy-harvesting and ultra-low-power sensors for remote stroke rehabilitation, deep learning-based mobile vision system for evaluating joint range of motion, and a multimodal sensor for continuous monitoring of post-surgery infections and complications.

The department is headed by Prof. Dr. Charmayne Hughes.


Lab Openings

We always welcome talented postdoctoral and graduate candidates. TU Berlin graduate students from any related program (including Human Factors, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Design and Computation, Electrical Engineering, and others) interested in research opportunities with the laboratory should contact Prof. Hughes for an appointment to discuss available projects.

Graduate candidates at all other universities are welcome to contact Prof. Hughes and need to apply for admission to TU Berlin. We always welcome dedicated undergraduate researchers for research during the school year or in the summer.