Institute of Optics and Atomic Physics

Teaching Seminar Optics Querbeet: Terahertz, Light, X-Ray and Electron Optics

The seminar "Optics Querbeet" deals with current topics in the fields of photonics, laser systems and applications, nano- and micro-optics, electron microscopy and holography, X-ray optics and holography, terahertz radiation and spectroscopy. It is offered jointly by several research groups of IOAP.

  • Thematic focus: Current topics in optics at different wavelengths (bosons and fermions)
  • Didactic concept: Teaching how to give good lectures
  • Attendance semester: Lectures will be held in attendance
  • Target group: Master physics (StuPO 2018) => seminar with 4 LP
  • Course Catalogue (WiSe 2023/24)
  • ISIS Course Page

Selection of Topics in WiSe 2023/24

AG Ernstorfer:

  • 'Twisttronics': van der Waals heterostructures
  • Excitons: Theory and spectroscopy of elementary excitations in semiconductors
  • Measurement of ultrafast lattice dynamics with time-resolved electron diffraction
  • Ultrafast phase transitions in solids
  • Description of light-matter interaction with the semiconductor Bloch equations
  • Nobel Prize in Physics 2023: Attosecond light pulse generation

AG Lehmann:

  • Ptychography - Resolution beyond the Information Limit
  • Determination of electric and magnetic fields in nanostructures by S/TEM methods
  • Time-resolved TEM methods: from Ultrafast to Gating
  • EBIC/STEBIC - Making pn-junctions "visible"

AG Woggon:

  • Quantum dimensional effects in semiconductors
  • Cavity Optomechanics
  • Ultrastrong Light-Matter Interaction
  • Two-Photon Absorption and Examples

Kickoff-Meeting (WiSe 2023/24)

The presentation of the seminar topics as well as their distribution will take place on

Tuesday, October 17, 2023, 10 a.m. c.t. in seminar room ER 136.

All interested and curious persons are cordially invited!