International Affairs

Buddy Program for Exchange Students

What is the Buddy Program?

The Buddy Program puts TU Berlin students and exchange students from our partner universities in contact with each other to enjoy the benefits of cultural exchange. 

TU Berlin students participating in the program help exchange students settle in Berlin, particularly during the early stages of their stay. This may include picking you up from the airport, assisting with bureaucracy, helping you choose your courses, or even taking you on a tour of the city’s top party locations. 

The program makes it possible for TU Berlin buddies and exchange students to enjoy a very personal cultural exchange and often leads to real friendships.

What is a buddy?

Buddy is another word for friend.

Exchange students and TU Berlin students become buddies after being matched and contacting one another.

Why take part in the Buddy Program?

The first few weeks at TU Berlin can be bewildering for exchange students. TU Berlin buddies can help you with practical advice and support, particularly when dealing with administration. And if they are really nice, they may even offer to pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation in Berlin or introduce you to the city’s cultural and night life! TU Buddies are your first personal contact to Germany. So, we recommend signing up for the program.
But please remember that they offer their support on a volunteer basis - there is no obligation for them to do so.
Also keep in mind that we sometimes do not have enough buddies - so you can apply but it is not guaranteed that you will get a buddy. 

How do I register for the Buddy Program?

If you would like to take part in the program, you can indicate this when completing your application in your Mobility-Online account. Just tick the relevant box! Once we have processed your application, we will try our best to put you in touch with a TU Berlin buddy.   
For the summer semester, this will be March/April, and September/October for the winter semester.

Certificate of participation for TU Berlin buddies

If your buddy wishes to receive a certificate of participation, they will ask you to complete a short questionnaire.
They will receive this after sending an email to requesting a certificate of participation.