International Affairs

Studying Abroad

Technische Universität Berlin has cooperation agreements with over 300 international universities, offering students a wide range of possibilities to study abroad. Students who participate in an exchange program generally receive a scholarship and waived tuition fees at the host university. Stays last between three and twelve months, depending on the individual program.
Student Mobility & International Students can advise you about preparing for your stay, other university systems and types of universities, admission requirements, and questions regarding recognition and credit transfer as well as provide information about contact persons and funding organizations. It also has several information resources to help you make a decision.

Exchange options

During the course of your studies (bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate), you have a wide range of options to complete one or more stays abroad, whether in Europe or overseas. 

You can spend a full academic year (9-12 months) or a single semester (3-6 months) abroad and take courses at a partner university. The longer you stay, the greater you will benefit academically and culturally. 
In addition to taking classes, you also have the option of completing your final thesis or seminar paper at a partner institution. We have dual degree agreements with several partners, which allow you to acquire a dual degree abroad. If you would like to spend only a short time abroad, a summer or winter school is an ideal option.

    Patricia Seiler / Elena Pitscheider / Laurenz Nadler

    INFOTHEK - Student Assistants for the Support of TUB Students who plan to go abroad (Outgoing): Initial Advising & Europe/ERASMUS+

    Advising hours Tue & Thur 9.30 - 12.30