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Subjects and Sample Tests

Sample tests to achieve the assessment test

Our database of sample tests covering all relevant subjects provides you with an overview of the level you need to achieve and helps you prepare well for tests at the Preparatory School, whether you wish to take the assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung) as an internal or external candidate, the supplementary test, or the admissions test for applicants with professional qualifications. Information and fact sheets are available with details of subject requirements and test procedures. Our course descriptions provide an overview of the content of the various courses. 

Sample tests for German and mathematics are available to help you prepare for the admissions test.

Subjects and Sample Tests


Sample tests for German

German sample assessment test A (in German)
German sample asessment test B (in German)
Fact sheet for taking the German assessmant test (in German)

Course description: German
The German course is divided into German 1 (listening comprehension and text production) and German 2 (reading comprehension and grammar). Spoken German is practiced and consolidated in both components. The DSH/assessment test for German tests your ability to study in German as well as the four skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. By passing the test, applicants demonstrate the general and academic oral and written skills required to study in a degree program. You must be able to understand and process the kind of oral and written texts you will encounter as a student as well as produce such texts yourself.

The German part of the assessment test at the Preparatory School is regulated by the KMK (Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany) framework regulations on preparatory schools in the current version; it is based on the German Language Test for University Admission (DSH) in terms of scope, form and content.

Acting head of German as a Foreign Language
Jeannette Padberg 




Mathematics and computer science

Sample tests for mathematics and computer studies (in German)

Sample mathematics assessment test T course 
Sample mathematics assessment test W course
Fact sheet about the mathematics assessment test for external candidates (in German)
Fact sheet about the computer science assessment test for external candidates (in German)
Sample test mathematics for professionally qualified (entry examination)

Course description: computer science
Students in T courses at the TU Berlin Preparatory School learn the basics of computer science in terms of depicting and processing digital information and working with relevant application programs and operating systems. The course also covers basic concepts for the design of algorithms and their implementation in simple programming languages. The goal is to achieve a basic understanding of the concepts and terminology of computer science to enable students to meet the challenges of engineering and science programs after passing the assessment test.

Course description: mathematics T and W courses
Mathematics at the Preparatory School is based on high school graduation standards as well as the requirements of the degree programs which our students will later be studying.
The focus in T courses in on the understanding of analysis as required for degree programs in engineering. Students acquire extensive skills for dealing with functional relationships, mathematical forms of representation, symbolic, formal and technical elements of mathematics as well as the technical language communication of mathematical relationships. In particular, they acquire skills for dealing with power functions, fractional-rational functions, exponential functions, trigonometric functions and their inverse functions. They learn to investigate properties of these functions and describe them formally in mathematical terms. In elementary mathematics students acquire competencies regarding space and shape in the context of a coordinate geometry. They learn how to deal with mathematical forms of representation and symbolic, formal and technical elements of mathematics in the field of linear algebra and analytic geometry.  In particular, the solvability of equations, inequalities, and systems of equations is addressed.
W courses teach the fundamentals of business mathematics and stochastics. In addition to purely technical aspects, the focus is primarily on preparing students for the technical language and formal requirements of mathematics in the respective degree programs.

Head of mathematics and computer science
Ilker Özdemir 



Sample tests for physics (in German)

Sample physics assessment test 1
Sample physics assessment test 2
Fact sheet about the physics assessment test for external candidates (in German)
Sample test physics for professionally qualified (entry examination)

Course description: physics
Given the importance of engineering sciences at TU Berlin, the teaching program for the T courses (university admission for mathematics and technical and science degree programs except for biology) more closely reflects the curricula of upper vocational schools than traditional upper secondary schools. Pursuant to an agreement between preparatory schools in Germany, the focus is on mechanics and electricity. The selection and teaching of topics also refer to corresponding first-year courses in degree programs at TU Berlin so as to prepare students for the technical and technical language requirements of studying at university. You can find information about the content in the physics curriculum (in German).

Head of physics
Dr. Klaus Neemann 


Chemistry and biology

Sample tests for chemistry (in German)

Sample chemistry assessment test 1
Sample chemistry assessment test solutions 1
Sample chemistry assessment test 2
Sample chemistry assessment test solution 2
Fact sheet about the chemistry assessment test for external applicants (in German)
Assessment test topic choices for the oral test
Sample test and information about chemestry for professionally qualified (entry examination)
Sample tests and information about chemstry for professionally qualified_solution (entry examnination)

Course description: chemistry
Chemistry is a compulsory subject in T courses. Students can decide at the end of the upper course (2nd semester) if they wish to take chemistry or physics as a written test.
Students acquire in-depth knowledge of inorganic and organic chemistry or deepen the knowledge acquired in their home country.
They apply specialist knowledge to concrete problems, develop hypotheses and test them on models; they apply mathematical procedures to solve chemical problems, create and interpret tables and graphical representations and can verbalize scientific facts and present them logically and correctly using appropriate technical language.
You can find information about the content of courses as well as the tests in the chemistry curriculum (in German).

Head of chemestry an biology
Dr. Susanne Schilling-Bartetzko 


Sample tests for economics (in German)

Sample economics assessment test
Economics assessment test solution
Fact sheet for external candidates (in German)
Sample test economics for professionally qualified (entry examination)
Sample test solution for professionally qualified (entry examination)

Course description: economics
Economics is the core subject in W courses. The other subjects covered are German, mathematics, economic history, and English. Economics covers economics and business administration as well as accounting. The economics component considers the interaction of all actors in the economic cycle. Households and businesses as demand and supply form a price in the market. In Germany, the state actively intervenes in the market to achieve social and environmental goals. The central bank, in turn, is responsible for monetary policy. The business administration component examines companies in greater detail. Companies need to understand and analyze the market to plan and implement their activities as documented and calculated in their accounting procedures. Overall, the economics course teaches all aspects relevant for studying economics at university. Read further (in German).

Head of economics
Karsten Schulz




Sample English oral tests

Sample English oral assessment test
English oral assessment test fact sheet for W course external candidates

Fachbeschreibung Englisch
Der Schwerpunkt des Englischunterrichts im W-Kurs liegt auf dem Erwerb allgemeiner und hochschulbezogener kommunikativer Kompetenzen auf B2-Niveau in allen Fertigkeiten (Lesen, Hören, Schreiben, Sprechen). Neben der allgemeinen Sprachkompetenz werden die Fähigkeiten und Fertigkeiten im Fach Wirtschaftsenglisch vermittelt. Im Unterricht benutzte Materialien behandeln Themen wie z. B. Brands, Finance, Company Structure, Advertising oder auch aktuell gesellschaftlich relevante Themen.


Admissions test

Sample tests for German and mathematics (in German):

Sample German admissions test
The sample test shows several types of tests which can be combined differently. Not all types must be in the German admissions test.  

Sample mathematics admissions test without answers
Sample mathematics admissions test with answers
Knowledge of the following areas is important for the mathematics admissions test:

  • Basic technical language skills
  • Systems of equations / simple inequalities
  • Term transformations
  • Geometry of simple geometric figures and solids (rectangle, triangle, circle, cylinder, cone, sphere)
  • Basic functions, properties of graphs, intersection points of two graphs, intersection points of axes
  • Conversion of units, decimal system

The test for each subject lasts approximately 1 hour. Click here for further details about the admissions test.


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