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Buddy Program

If you are interested in getting more involved in intercultural activities as a student at TU Berlin, our buddy program may be just what you are looking for. In the program, you are paired with an international student and help them find their bearings by providing support and advice.

What is the Buddy Program?

The Buddy Program is a volunteer opportunity which aims to promote intercultural exchange between TU Berlin students and exchange students from our partner universities. It encompasses practical aspects such as settling in at TU Berlin and the city as well as opportunities for language and cultural exchange or sharing experiences. Participants often develop lasting friendships through the program.

Who or what is a buddy?

Buddy is another word for friend. In the program, we match a TU Berlin student with an exchange student. They are each other's buddy.

Why do I need a buddy?

TU Berlin students generally participate in the Buddy Program to prepare for a stay abroad or maintain ties with their former host country. For this reason, we try to pair students based on factors such as home university, language, country of origin, or the degree program of the exchange students. You can include which aspects are particularly important to you when you sign up.

How can incoming students be assigned a buddy?

If you are an incoming student and would like support from a buddy when you arrive at TU Berlin, make a note of this in your application for study abroad at TU Berlin. After your application is processed, the Buddy Program coordinators will assign you a buddy.

Certificate of participation for TU Berlin buddies

We are happy to provide a certificate of participation upon request. It certifies the volunteer service of TU Berlin buddies in mentoring exchange students and can be useful for future applications.

The program includes an evaluation completed by both the TU Berlin buddy and their mentee and assessed by us before the certificate of participation is issued. You can request this feedback form by sending an email to:

Once both buddies have completed the evaluation form and we have reviewed it, we will issue the certificate of participation. We are unable to issue a certificate if feedback is not provided or the feedback indicates your involvement was insufficient.

Buddy registration for TU Berlin students

If you would like to support us, find new friends, and learn about exciting cultures, then sign up for our Buddy Program. All you need to do is fill out the registration form. You always sign up for the upcoming semester.


Winter semester registration period: July and August

Summer semester registration period: January and February


We collect all registrations and assign TU Berlin buddies to exchange students shortly before the new semester begins. The exchange students are requested to initiate contact with you.

Buddies are matched in March and April for summer semester and in September and October for winter semester. If you register in March/September, you can already be assigned an exchange student who is arriving in April/October. This means your chances are higher of being assigned a buddy if you are already available in March/September.

If you are an exchange student, please sign up for the Buddy Program through your exchange application in Mobility Online.

Please keep us up to date. Are you having problems? Do you have questions? Is your buddy not returning your emails or text messages? We can only help if you tell us what is going on. We are always happy to receive feedback!