International Affairs

Applying via ERASMUS+ for course attendance

Application process

Students apply via Mobility-Online after being nominated for an exchange or dual degree program by their own university. Nomination details will be provided each semester via email to our partner universities.
Only after students have been successfully nominated they will receive the application details from us!

FYI this is what you have to complete/upload into your Mobility-Online account:

  • Signed application form
    (to be completed via Mobility-Online and then uploaded after signing)  

  • Learning agreement - only upload the “Before the mobility” section.
    (Please note that at this stage your learning agreement is provisional only, as the final course catalogue is not published until shortly before the semester start. Participating in certain courses is therefore subject to a subsequent review and cannot be guaranteed. It is also not clear at this stage if the number of participants will be restricted).  

  • Proof of language level* (as an upload):

    - Proof of A2 level in German at the time of application.
    In addition, proof of B1 level must be provided before the semester start!!!
    The University’s Modern Language Center offers language courses at level B1 and above to help you prepare. 
    Participation requires a minimum level of A2 in the placement test.
    - Proof of B2 level in English if you wish to study in a master’s program where English is the language of instruction.
    - Proof of B2 level in English is required for this program: Trondheim – Master of Education
     *Proof of language level:
     Registering for a course at a certain level does not count as proof of level. Proof of level is only valid after taking a test.
     You need to submit your proof of level before the application deadline. Proof of level may not be more than one year old for A2 level.
     Proof of level for B1 and higher may be three years old. Your language certificate must be in either German or English.
     Please register with Onset if you need to take an official test.  

  • Checklist:
     - Signed application form
     - Learning agreement (before the mobility section)
     - Proof of language level (see above)


Beatrice Vinci

ERASMUS+/European Student Advisor, Advising & support for ERASMUS+/European exchange students (Incoming), Buddy Program

+49 30 314-24696

+49 30 314-28644

Organization name Student Mobility
Room H 0040

Nomination and Application Deadlines

  • Nomination periods:
    for exchanges in the winter semester - 1 March until 30 April
    for exchanges in the summer semester - 1 September until 31 October  

  • Application deadlines:
    for exchanges in the winter semester  - 1 June
    for exchanges in the summer semester - 1 December