International Affairs
Application form for enrollment © imago/suedraumfoto
Administrative Steps

To make your start in Berlin as stress free as possible, we recommend you take care of a few necessary administrative issues as soon as possible.
You can do some things before traveling; others will have to wait until you are here in Berlin.

We recommend you read the information below thoroughly to find out more!

Residence Permit (after you arrive)

Exchange students who are not EU or EEA nationals and are planning to remain in Germany for more than 3 months are required to apply for a residence permit to study if they do not already have a visa covering the entire period of their stay.

Re-registration (after the program start)

Exchange and dual degree students who study longer than one semester at TU Berlin have to re-register for each consecutive semester.
The enrollment team provides you with the re-registration information in due time so that you can manage to take care of it before the deadline.