International Affairs
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Support for Exchange Students

These pages provide information for students from partner universities who are interested in applying for an exchange with us.

We are delighted you are interested in an exchange at TU Berlin and look forward to welcoming and supporting you wherever necessary.

Contact and Advising

Advising hours for exchange students (incoming)

Advising & support for exchange students (Incoming)

Room H 0040
Advising hours (in-person)Tue & Thur 9.30 - 12.30

Niklas Schlüter

Student Assistant for the Support of Exchange Students, Buddy Program


+49 30 314-28644

Room H 0040

Olaf Christoph-Reupke

Overseas Student Advisor (Incoming)

+49 30 314-71464

+49 30 314-24067

Room H 0041B

Julia Valeska Fluthwedel

ERASMUS+/European Student Advisor, Advising & support for ERASMUS+/European exchange students (Incoming)

+49 30 314-24113

+49 30 314-28644

Room H 0039

Laura Timmermann

ERASMUS+/European Student Advisor, Advising & support for ERASMUS+/European exchange students (Incoming)


+49 30 314-28644

Room H 0040

Below you will find an overview of the most important information you need to organize your exchange or dual degree studies at TU Berlin. By reading this useful compilation of information most of your questions should be answered. 

Should you have any questions, though, please do not hesitate to send them to the contact persons listed above. 
We are happy to help!


You study at one of your partner universities in Europe or overseas and want to apply for an exchange or dual degree program at TU Berlin?

Administrative steps

To make your start in Berlin as stress free as possible, we recommend you take care of a few necessary administrative issues as soon as possible.
You can do some things before traveling; others will have to wait until you are here in Berlin.


You are an exchange student and interested in applying for accommodation in a studierendenWERK Berlin dormitory or keen on finding housing on the free market?

Studying at TU Berlin

We have put together some useful tips and information about studying at TU Berlin to help you plan your time here as an exchange student.

Social and cultural activities

Student Mobility & International Students and TU Berlin offer a wide range of social and cultural activities. These provide an opportunity to meet other students as well as exciting options for your free time.

Dates and deadlines

When do I have to apply?
When do the semester and the lecture period start?
Which deadlines should I keep in mind?

FAQs and timeline

A lot of students have similar questions regarding exchanges at TU Berlin. Much of the information you need can be found on our website, but we would like to provide answers here to your most common questions and a rough timeline to help you plan.