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Foro Académico Chile-Alemania

Chile and Germany have a long tradition of academic cooperation. The Foro Académico Chile-Alemania aims to build on this tradition to address the global challenges of sustainable development at the environmental, social and economic levels. We need to rethink production and consumption models, as well as our life on the planet in order to promote "green growth" based on multi-stakeholder territorial development strategies, clean energy development and the circular economy.
In this context, it is proposed to form a consortium of Chilean and German universities to create the Foro Académico Chile-Alemania, which will lay the foundation for the creation of a permanent and long-term scientific cooperation platform.
The first Foro Académico Chile-Alemania will take place in Santiago de Chile from 12 to 15 June 2023. Follow-up events will be held regularly, alternating every two years between the two countries.
The Foro Académico Chile-Alemania is a jointly organised event in which all parties have equal responsibility.


Project Partners

Universidad de ConcepciónRonald Mennickent
Universidad Catolica de ChileSofia Cubillos
Universidad de ChileAlvaro Etchegaray
Universität HeidelbergInés Recio
Universität HamburgEva Leptien
Technische Universität BerlinJan an Haack
Karlsruher Institut für TechnologieIrma Mantilla

Virtual Kick-Off 2023

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