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CAMINOS – Enhancing and Promoting Latin American Mobility


The aim of the CAMINOS project was to strengthen integration within the Latin American Higher Education area by developing and disseminating a handbook on the organization of intra-Latin American mobility. Rather than creating new mobility programs, the goal was to provide an overview of existing programs and to adapt and improve structures drawing on experiences gained in Europe. CAMINOS focused on how the structured mobility of students and researchers within bi-lateral and multi-lateral agreements can contribute to deepening relationships between universities. The program consisted of three phases:

  1. A survey of the status quo of mobility programs in Latin America, including procedures and actors
  2. Developing a handbook with three areas of thematic focus which were further explored through study visits to EU universities and institutions
  3. A pilot phase during which participating Latin American partners (universities and associations) implemented selected aspects of the handbook, supported in each case by a partner from the EU

Partner organizations

Universities and higher education associations from Latin America and the European Union took part in the CAMINOS project. The project was coordinated by OBREAL Global. TU Berlin has been a member of OBREAL Global since 2022.

Project period

The project ran from October 2016 until October 2019.


CAMINOS was funded as part of Erasmus + Key Action 2 Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education.


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