International Affairs

Teaching & Learning

The ENHANCE partner universities have set themselves the goal of developing a common European strategy for teaching.

Teaching at ENHANCE universities is to be modernized and future-oriented. In its joint Education Strategy, ENHANCE defines 11 strategic goals for better European university teaching and lists initial measures to achieve these. The strategy focuses on project-based learning and co-creation processes for new teaching formats. Teaching, research and the social application of knowledge are to be interlinked more closely.

ENHANCE aims to increase the involvement of society through new teaching formats, making teaching more flexible and thus leading to more opportunities for mobility as well as opening up teaching offers to interested parties outside of the universities.. The principle of lifelong learning is to be promoted.

As part of this concept, ENHANCE is developing new types of cross-alliance degrees. So-called micro credentials form a framework to certify university education and training outside of full degree programs. Micro credentials are significantly shorter than standard bachelor's or master's degrees and are intended to provide an opportunity for focused continuing education or to supplement a traditional degree. As a pilot for these certificate programs, ENHANCE offers a Certificate on Sustainability (modelled on the TU Berlin Sustainability Certificate) and is also developing other offerings such as a Certificate on Digital Transformation and a Certificate on Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

The activities around the topics of teaching and learning are accompanied by the Higher Education Innovator, which will provide innovative methods and tools for university teaching on a virtual platform and publish the partners’ training offers for university teachers in a central location. This is intended to strengthen the competencies of ENHANCE members in the area of teaching long term.