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ENHANCE European Education Pathways
The European Education Pathways (EEP) are an exchange programme offered by the ENHANCE Alliance. The aim of the EEP is to make stays abroad and the internationalisation of one's own studies as flexible and simple as possible. With the EEP, students of the participating pilot degree programmes have the opportunity to choose from an extensive range of courses offered by the various ENHANCE partners, all of which are already pre-approved and recognised for the studies at TU Berlin.

What is ENHANCE?

Together with nine other leading technical universities and long-term strategic partners, TU Berlin forms the European network ENHANCE - European Universities of Technology Alliance. The Alliance is supported by the European Union within the framework of the European Universities Initiative as part of the Erasmus+ programme. Together, the ten partner universities pursue the vision of a European university that transcends national borders by providing students with a broad range of international learning opportunities.

What are the EEP?

The EEP are a common exchange programme offered by the ENHANCE Alliance. With the EEP, students of the participating pilot degree programmes have the opportunity to study for one or two semesters abroad at our ENHANCE partners, funded through the Erasmus+ programme, and to freely choose from an extensive course offer by our ENHANCE partners, all of which are already recognised for the studies at TU Berlin.

What are the programme's benefits?

  1. Guaranteed and simplified recognition: After successful completion of modules from the EEP programme, your recognition application is - upon your request - sent by us directly to TU Berlin's central Examination Office ("Prüfungsamt") without the necessity for an application to the Examination Board and for the collection of individual statements from the TU module representatives. For all pre-approved modules from the ENHANCE lists we guarantee recognition (the lists of pre-approved modules can be found in the box "Pre-emptive Recognition" below).
  2. Financial support from the Erasmus+ programme: If you have succesfully applied for the EEP programme, you automatically receive an Erasmus+ scholarship from TU Berlin. There is no need for a seperate Erasmus+ application.
  3. Additional exchange places: Exclusively for the EEP and your respective study programme, we have agreed on additional exchange places with all ENHANCE partners. Chances for a successful application are thus significantly higher than for a regular Erasmus+ application.
  4. Better support: Thanks to additional personnel resources for the EEP porgramme, we can offer closer and more indidualized support.
  5. Broad course offer: In the ENHANCE Course Catalogue you can find all modules that are offered in the framework of the EEP programme. Just choose the according EEP (e.g. "Urban Planning"), the destination of your choice (e.g. "Politecnico di Milano") and TU Berlin as you home university to see all modules that are on offer to you.
  6. Additional support offers to better prepare for your mobility:

Application Process

!!! Please note that only students from the participating pilot study programmes (see box on the right "ENHANCE Pilot Study Programmes") are allowed to apply for the EEP programme !!!

The call for application opens twice a year and is to be completed in CongenoCampus. The application deadline is always on the same date as the Erasmus+ deadline:

  • January 10th for the upcoming academic year (both winter term and/or summer term) and
  • May 31st for left-over spots for the upcoming summer term.

If there are any remaining places after the application deadline, these will be opened for application on a "first-come, first-served" basis shortly afterwards.

Application Documents (all to be uploaded in Congeno):

  • Application form (link can be found here once the application period starts)
  • Letter of motivation (max. 2 pages, English) 
  • CV (tabular, max. 2 pages, English)
  • Study plan (to be completed in Congeno)
  • Language certificate English B2*
  • language certificate Spanish B1 (only UPV, BSc & MSc students)
  • language certificate Italian B1 (only POLIMI, only BSc students)
  • Bachelor degree (if available)
  • Current transcript/grade overview (printed from QISPOS/SAP)
  • Current enrolment certificate ("Immatrikulationsbescheinigung")

* The language certificate must be issued by the TU Berlin Modern Language Center (ZEMS) (no more than 1 year old at the time of application). In addition, the following certificates are also accepted (no more than 2 years old at the time of application):

  • English: TOEFL, IELTS, ESOL, TOEIC, Cambridge Certificate (CPE), ECCE, ECPE, UNICERT English
  • Spanish: DELE
  • Italian: CELI, CILS

"Mobility for All"

As an Alliance, it is our aim to create inclusive mobility programmes for all students. We therefore strongly encourage students with little or no experience in international mobility programmes to apply for our programmes. Everyone deserves the opportunity to broaden their horizons through international education. Contact us for support on your educational journey.

Information on support options and services offered by the various ENHANCE partners for students with special needs can be found on our ENHANCE website "Mobility for All".

Students participating in the EEP programme receive an Erasmus scholarship from TU Berlin. This offers additional funding opportunities for students with fewer opportunities ("fewer opportunities top-up"). Further information can be found on the Erasmus website under "Erasmus+ Mobility Grants & Top-ups".


Julian Irlenkäuser

Mobility Officer (ENHANCE, BIP Outgoing)

Building H
Room H 0041B

ENHANCE Partner Universities

ENHANCE Pilot Study Programmes

  • EEP in Computer Science: M.Sc. Computer Science, M.Sc. Information Systems Management
  • EEP in Mechanical Engineering: B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering and M.Sc. Producation Engineering
  • EEP in Urban Planning: M.Sc. Urban and Regional Planning