International Affairs

One Campus

The establishment of a common transnational campus, the "One Campus", is one of the core objectives of ENHANCE. This campus creates the framework for an unrestricted mobility of students between the partner universities.

In the One Campus work package, organizational structures and technical frameworks are to be developed for the sustainable integration of the ENHANCE universities. Common IT solutions and optimized administrative processes will enable students to complete their education journey seamlessly at different universities of the alliance.

The automated recognition of modules is the focus here. For this purpose, mutually suitable modules from all ENHANCE partner universities will be identified in five pilot study programs and firmly integrated into the respective study programs. Once this process is completed, students will be able to freely and flexibly design their study paths at different ENHANCE universities with the help of the European Education Pathways (EEP) established in this way. The participating pilot study programs at the TU Berlin are:

  • MSc. Computer Science
  • BSc. Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc. Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc. Urban and Regional Planning
  • MSc. Regenerative Energy Systems

Within the framework of One Campus, barriers that hinder the merging of campus structures are also to be identified and removed. Structural change is to be advanced through increased exchange between staff members of the university administrations.

The #ENHANCE Challenge ideation competition aims to make university structures more inclusive, reduce discrimination and enable equal opportunities for all statutory groups. The second goal is to make university administration smarter and more effective through the use of artificial intelligence applications. The competition explicitly includes all university statutory groups.

Students and early career researchers should be able to obtain information centrally about vacancies and offers in research projects of the ENHANCE partners. To this end, ENHANCE is building a Platform for Student Research Opportunities.

Regular Staff Weeks at the partner universities help to gain a better understanding of the joint projects within the university administrations and to discuss necessary developments.