International Affairs


ENHANCE is also committed to greater sustainability in the transfer of knowledge to application and innovation. Sustainable entrepreneurship and green innovation are guiding principles.

The topics of sustainability and broad participation of students and society, which also play a significant role in the areas of research and teaching, will be taken up in the area of innovation. As universities of technology, the ENHANCE members are traditionally strong in this area.

ENHANCE and ENHANCERIA will establish a European network for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SEI). Courses, workshops and summer schools will be used to develop and communicate a common understanding of SEI . The Certificate on Sustainable Entrepreneurship will document students' learning success.

The various programs for the incubation of start-up activities are to cooperate more closely and, for example, develop a joint mentoring program for sustainable entrepreneurship and support team building and recruitment for young start-ups throughout Europe. 

However, ENHANCE is also working beyond the alliance and is heavily involved in the StageTwo competition, the first pan-European competition for start-ups from the higher education sector.