International Affairs


ENHANCE is a large international undertaking that requires the cooperation of many colleagues at all partner universities. Since ENHANCE aims to initiate changes in many areas of the university and addresses all status groups, more and more departments and institutions of the TU Berlin will gradually be involved in the activities of the alliance. Only with this support the implementation of the several work packages can succeed. TU Berlin's participation in the European Alliance is coordinated by the Department of International Affairs.

As speaker university of ENHANCE, TU Berlin is responsible for the work package “project management” and the liaison with the European Commission as funding body. At ENHANCE level, the Operational Office, which is largely based at TU Berlin, organizes the cooperation between the partner universities.

At the same time, the project team coordinates the implementation of activities at TU Berlin level, always keeping the strategic orientation of the alliance in mind.

Student participation is an important part of ENHANCE and all students at TU Berlin are welcome to get involved.

Students, staff and university leadership of TU Berlin are delegated to several ENHANCE bodies to represent the university's interests in the alliance's decisions.

All those involved and interested should be regularly informed about the implementation of the projects. Networking meetings within TU Berlin offer the opportunity to exchange experiences and to get to know colleagues personally.

For more information, suggestions or proposals for cooperation, please contact the project team by email.

Project Team TU Berlin

Many different employees from a wide variety of areas within the university ensure that the tasks of TU Berlin are implemented in ENHANCE. They are supported and coordinated by a team from various sections of the Department of International Affairs.

The team also includes the members of the Operational Office, who, however, are responsible for the smooth cooperation between the partner universities.

Project Lead

Building H
Room H 3023


Building H
Room 2518

Project Coordination

Building H
Room H 2034

Project Assistance

Building H
Room 2518


Julian Christoph Moritz Irlenkäuser

Building H
Room H 0041B

Operational Office at TU Berlin

The Operational Office oversees and controls the implementation of the goals at alliance level. It is responsible for the overall strategy and a coherent appearance of the alliance. The Operational Office supports and monitors the implementation of joint projects and reports to the funding bodies.

A large part of the staff of the Operational Office is employed at TU Berlin as it is the speaker university of ENHANCE. The members of the Operational are important contacts and part of the ENHANCE team at TU Berlin, even if their responsibilities extend beyond the University.

Secretary General

Adminstration Officer

EACEA Officer

Other members of Operational Office

Further tasks of the Operational Office are carried out by colleagues at RWTH Aachen University and Universitat Politècnica de València.

From Aachen, the Quality Officer monitors the quality of the reports submitted to the funding bodies. The Quality Officer identifies linkages amongst work packages, defines process descriptions and supports the organizational development of the Alliance.

In Valencia, the Communications Officer is responsible for disseminating ENHANCE's activities through various channels (website, social media, traditional media). The communication Officer develops an appropriate communication strategy and cooperative identity.

A Fundraising Officer identifies potential partners from business and society and develops a fundraising strategy to raise further funds to implement the goals of ENHANCE.

Student Involvement

The students of ENHANCE Alliance partner universities are at the focus of many of the alliance's activities, such as increasing mobility, including the mutual recognition of academic achievements, developing innovative teaching formats or offering workshops and summer schools for all members of the alliance.

ENHANCE regards itself as a participatory alliance and relies on the participation of its student community. Each partner university delegates two representatives to the ENHANCE Student Forum, which is self-governed by the students and discusses the activities of the alliance. Students are also represented in the Board of Directors, the General Assembly, the Strategy Committee, and the Steering Committee.

In the long term, ENHANCE aims to promote the creation of networks of European students at and between partner universities. Students who are enthusiastic about Europe, European higher education policy and the ENHANCE pilot topics of digitalization, sustainable cities and climate action are warmly invited to get involved and become part of the ENHANCE community. An important cross-cutting theme of all ENHANCE activities is diversity and inclusion of underrepresented groups. Here, too, ENHANCE thrives on the participation of all members of the partner universities.

Student representatives at TU Berlin

Jasmin Abou Ouf

ENHANCE Student Representative

Jannik Reichert

ENHANCE Student Representative

What does ENHANCE offer me?

Thanks to ENHANCE, the number of Erasmus placements for TU Berlin students at partner universities has already increased significantly. ENHANCE is committed to creating a true European Higher Education Area. Mobility between universities should become as easy as possible. In addition to Erasmus, new mobility formats are being developed and the recognition of academic achievements should become feasible without time-consuming formalities. As part of the ENHANCE community, you will support us in this endeavor and benefit from it:

  • You will be the first to know about new offers at the partner universities, such as workshops and summer schools. For many formats, we can cover travel costs to the partner university.
  • We support your language learning with our ENHANCE Tandems platform. Native speakers from all partner universities share their language, culture and experiences with you.
  • With our ENHANCE Challenges, we offer you the opportunity to actively shape your university. The best projects receive funding totaling more than 200,000 euros.
  • We invite you to events, discussions and workshops. Your opinion is needed and valued.

How can I join ENHANCE?

  • Subscribe to ENHANCE's social media channels to stay up to date.
  • On our website, you can find current ENHANCE activities and calls for proposals in which you can participate.
  • Are you already active at TU Berlin and think ENHANCE could be a good fit for your group or project? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to introduce you to ENHANCE in more detail and look for common points of contact.
  • Send an email to to be added to our mailing list. Tell us which of the ENHANCE topics you are particularly interested in and we will try to connect you within the alliance.
  • Help us to build up an initiative of European students at TU Berlin together with other TU students to represent the interests of the University in ENHANCE and in European higher education policy.