International Affairs


Diversity and gender equality are both aspects that need to be further strengthened, especially at universities of technology. ENHANCE is committed to further mainstreaming these issues.

In recent years, much has already been done in the field of diversity and equality at many universities of technology. ENHANCE will examine this is more detail as well as what further developments need to be initiated in annual reports.

As an important cross-cutting issue, diversity is to be considered in all ENHANCE activities. Our aim is not only to prevent discrimination on the basis of gender, origin or social status, but also to make the partner universities’ offers more inclusive and attractive and to provide underrepresented groups with better access to them.

Through its trainings and workshops, ENHANCE contributes to further mainstreaming of this issue. It also works to prevent negative stereotypes and bias in all work packages.

Underrepresented groups are made more visible through a number of ENHANCE campaigns in.

School students in their final years will be motivated to choose technical/scientific fields of study through a competition in STEM.