International Affairs

Internationalization of administration

The TU Berlin sees and organizes itself as an international university in all areas and therefore takes special account of possible language and cultural communication problems. We are striving to successively design our administrative services and advisory services in such a way that all offers are available at least bilingually in German and English. Those who speak and understand one of the two languages should be able to find their way around the university to a large extent.

Our non-academic staff also benefits from the internationality and is specifically supported in their work at an international university through mobility offers, intercultural and language training.

The diversity and internationality of the university is visible and tangible for all its members and is experienced as an enrichment and opportunity.

The internationalization of the administration thus includes the goals:

1. English-language administration

Administrative processes and information services are also geared to the needs of TU members with little or no knowledge of German.

2. staff development with an international focus

Establishment of personnel development with an international focus: language, culture and mobility.