International Affairs


The world at home at TU Berlin! TU Berlin is an international university with about 200 research cooperations and almost 500 exchange programs for students. The proportion of international students is over 22%. They represent 143 countries (2018). More than 900 visiting scholars also come to our University year after year.

Internationalization@home helps to promote intercultural competence at TU Berlin. On the one hand, a basic intercultural qualification of all students is necessary in order to cope with the international study environment. On the other hand, students should be prepared for their future in a globalized world and for an international job market.

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Buddy Program

The Buddy Program is a volunteer activity with the goal of intercultural exchange between TU students and international exchange students. The program includes practical aspects such as helping exchange students settle into TU Berlin and Berlin as well sharing language, culture and experiences.

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Module "Intercultural Buddy-Program"

The module "Intercultural Buddy Program" (short "Buddy Module") is the extension of the Buddy Program. If you would like to receive three TU credit points in addition to your volunteer work, you can register for the Buddy Module. The module consists of the supervision of an international exchange student and an e-portfolio with different tasks and questions.