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Translation Services
English translations for the entire University that are consistent and reasonably priced – this is one of the objectives which is being pursued by the University administration as part of TU Berlin's internationalization strategy aiming to provide better support to everyone seeking information about TU Berlin. At the same time, providing translation services will help to remove barriers between members of the University from abroad and the University administration.

A database will help reduce the costs of future translations and ensure consistent terminology across TU Berlin.

***Limited capacity***

Due to staffing reasons, the capacity of Translation Services is currently very limited, possibly resulting in longer turnaround times.

What we offer

Translation Services offers:

  • Translation from German into English of Central University Administration and faculty administration texts (e.g. forms, leaflets, study and examination regulations), as well as public image material (e.g. websites, brochures).
  • Translation from German into English of faculty documents and materials related to teaching. The service is initially restricted to the translation of relevant documents for one course for each chair, and on condition that the course is offered in English for at least two semesters.
  • Cost-effective translations through the use of a database in which previously translated texts are stored to make future translations easier.
  • 50% coverage of costs for translation of texts from faculties
  • A German-English glossary of general education and TU Berlin specific terminology. A terminology database, which is now under construction, will be made available to all employees. This database will help create consistent texts in English.
  • A style guide with university approved guidelines for English texts and helpful tips for using English
  • Commissioning of external translators

    Translation Services does not offer translations of:

    1. Degree certificates, transcripts of grades and official documents (except for use by TU Berlin administration)
    2. Doctoral or Habilitation theses 
    3. Essays, Bachelor’s or Master’s theses
    4. Scientific papers or publications
    5. Texts with no connection to the University

    Translation process

    The entire process is as follows:

    • Send the final version of your original text to translation services by email to uebersetzung(at) We can accept Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Please always provide a preferred deadline for your translations.
    • After the submitted document has been verified, we will send an estimate of the 50% cost sharing to faculty.
    • Your documents will be translated either in-house or by one of our approved external translators. Externally translated texts are also proof-read in-house before final submission.

    Please note that you as a customer are also responsible for archiving the final translated version in English.

    Web relaunch

    All TU Berlin units can submit texts for their new website to TU Berlin Translation Services. Find out how to request a translation for your new website.

    Translated administrative documents

    Since 2016, Translation Services has translated numerous texts into English, including over 700 administrative documents. If you are searching for a specific document, you can refer to our list to see whether it is available in English at TU Berlin.

    Proofreading Service

    The Proofreading Service offers TU Berlin junior scholars the opportunity to have their external funding applications and academic papers written in English proofread.