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Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP)

Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP)

Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) are an Erasmus+ funding framework for the collaborative development of innovative teaching and learning formats with international partners. The program offers both teachers and students the opportunity for educational cooperation and participation with other European higher education institutions. This takes place within the framework of a jointly conceived course which must be open to participants from the coordinating university as well as participants from at least two other European partner institutions. The BIP always consists of one teaching unit in the classroom and one (or several) online. The classroom phase takes place as a rule at the coordinating university and must have a duration of 5 to 30 days. The virtual component(s) may be of variable duration and may take place before, during or after the classroom phase. We recommend designing the virtual component(s) as "COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning)". In this way teachers and students can best improve their intercultural, digital and methodological skills during the virtual phase(s).

Please note that, due to capacity, BIPs are currently being carried out primarily in the framework of our international networks ENHANCE Alliance (ENHANCE) and Alliance4Tech (A4T).

The possible options for participating and/or implementing a BIP are as follows: either as the coordinating university (academic chair/research group, institute, unit of TU Berlin), implementing a BIP at TU Berlin and inviting students and teachers from ENHANCE and/or A4T and possibly other partner institutions (“Incoming BIP”), or alternatively by coordinating the participation of a group of at least 3 TU Berlin members (students, teaching staff, and/or administrators) in a BIP which is organized by an ENHANCE or A4T partner university (“Outgoing BIP”).


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