International Affairs

Advising Offers

In addition to the advising services offered by Student Mobility and International Students, there are a number of other advising and counseling services available at TU Berlin. On this page, we have compiled the offers that are particularly relevant for international students and researchers.

Liaison lecturers for international students

FacultySec.NameField of studyRoom no.Telephone
IMAR 2-6apl. Prof. Dr. Christiane Grieseall fields of studyMAR 2.044314-73669
IIEW 7-1Prof. Dr. Harald EngelPhysics/NatInfEW 738314-79462
IIMA 4-5Prof. Dr. Dietmar HömbergMathematicsMA 474314- 28034
IITC 8Prof. Dr. Reinhard SchomäckerPolymer ScienceTC 118314-24973
IITC 2Prof. Dr. Roderich SüßmuthChemistryTC 603314-24205
IIIBH 11Prof. Dr. Harald Kruggel-Emdenall fields of studyBH 404314- 26910
IVMAR 6-1Wolfgang BrandenburgComputational Engineering ScienceMAR 6.020314-24709
VC 8-4Prof. Dr. Valentin PopovPhysical and Engineering SciencesM 122314-21339
VF 6Prof. Dr. Klaus BrießTransport SystemsF 5156314-25150
VW-1Prof. Dr. Henning MeyerMaschinenbau / Informationstechnik im MaschinenwesenW 307314-26325
VIBH 3-1Prof. Dr. Thomas Fernandez-SteegerGeotechnologyBH 317314-72605
VITIB 1-BProf. Dr. Michael SchlaichCivil EngineeringTIB 1-316314-72130
VIFH 9-1Prof. Dr. Hubert KnoblauchSociologyFH 915314-22167
VIEB 5Dr. Gesa GeißlerLandscape ArchitectureEB 218314-73335
VIA 20Prof. Dr. Ignacio BorregoArchitectureA 812314-72730
VIB 121Prof. Dr. Gabi Dolff-BonekämperUrban and Regional PlanningB 120314-28078
VIA 53Prof. Dr. Philipp MisselwitzUrban DesignA 624314-21908
VIH 12Prof. Dr. Jürgen OberstGeodesy and Geoinformation SciencesH 5125314-79701
VIA 58Claudia WintersteinConservation of Monuments, Historic Buildings and SitesA 196314-21964
VIIH 73Prof. Dr. Axel von WerderEconomicsH 7181314-22583

Student advisors

May Said / Yani Carmen Zegarra Jara / Ertan Özel / Berra Akbas

Student Assistants for the Support of International Degree Seeking Students, Visa & Residence Permit Advising for Students

+49 (0)30 314-24359

Room H 0051
Advising hours Mon, Tue and Thur 9.30 - 12.30 and 13.30 - 16.30
Please noteMomentarily we offer advising hours via telephone only

Advising offers for all members of TU Berlin