International Affairs
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International Projects Section

Our work

International Projects contributes to internationalization at TU Berlin by acquiring and successfully implementing strategically effective projects.

We are the central point of contact for academic cooperation with partners in the Global South. Working in close collaboration with other units at TU Berlin, we coordinate measures for the University's Strategy on Global Responsibility. We support existing contacts with partner institutions and promote new opportunities for collaboration through networking and by providing information and advising on acquiring and implementing collaborative projects.

Within the Erasmus + program, we are responsible for the overall coordination of Erasmus+ KA 171 as well as for informing staff and academic chairs and research groups at TU Berlin about funding opportunities within Erasmus+ Key Action 2 for higher education.

We have been entrusted with developing TU Berlin's strategy for digital internationalization and contribute to this through our participation in projects.

The ENHANCE Operational Office is responsible for the overall coordination and project management of the ENHANCE European university alliance.

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Office INT IP
Address Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin


Grietje Zimmermann

Head of section, project coordination, cooperation Global South

+49 30 314-29762

Room H 2021

Max César Vidal Carranza

Cooperation Global South, project coordination TRAJECTS

+49 30 314-20051

Room H 2022

Jella Hauß

Deputy head of section, project coordination, digitalization coordination

+49 30 314-28680

Room H 2519

Sandra Hornoff

Cooperation Global South, project coordination G-WAC

+49 30 314-21560

Room H 2022

Patricia C. Szendro Terán

Deputy head of section, project coordination, ERASMUS+ with partner countries, finance

+49 30 314-26556

Room H 2519

ENHANCE Operational Office

Room H 2020

Ana-Marija Cvitic

Strategy Officer ENHANCE

+49 30 314 - 75028

Room H 2020
currently not available

Tarek Strahlendorf

Administrative Officer ENHANCE

+49 30 314-75022

Room H 2020