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Current schedules

The current schedule for all courses, current changes and additional dates are only available on the German website (in German). Please check every morning before classes to see if there have been any changes to teaching schedules or rooms. The semester schedule (in German) shows all important dates (vacation periods, public holidays, exam dates,  etc.)

Admissions test information

The admissions test for the summer semester 2023 takes place on 21 January 2023 in Berlin.
The admission period is from 15 September to 30 November 2022 via uni-assist.
Here you find more details about the application and the admissions test.


Exam dates

28.11.2022Written Assessment Exam Optional SubjectWinter Semester 22/23
30.11.2022Written Assessment Exam MathematicsWinter Semester 22/23
02.12.2022Written Assessment Exam GermanWinter Semester 22/23
09.12.2022Oral Exam PropädeutikumWinter Semester 22/23
04.01.-06.01.2023Oral ExamsWinter Semester 22/23
21.01.2023Admission Test for the Summer Semester 2023 
05.06.2023Written Assessment Exam Optional SubjectSummer Semester 2023
07.06.2023Written Assessment Exam MathematicsSummer Semester 2023
09.06.2023Written Assessment Exam GermanSummer Semester 2023
16.06.2023Oral Exam PropädeutikumSummer Semester 2023
26.06.-29.06.2023Oral ExamsSummer Semester 2023
25./26.08.2023Admission Test for the Winter Semester 23/24 
04.12.2023Written Assessment Exam Optional SubjectWinter Semester 23/24
06.12.2023Written Assessment Exam MathematicsWinter Semester 23/24
08.12.2023Written Assessment Exam GermanWinter Semester 23/24
15.12.2023Oral Exam PropädeutikumWinter Semester 23/24
09.-12.01.2024Oral ExamsWinter Semester 23/24
26./27.01.2024Admission Test for the Summer Semester 2024 
Changes are possible.

Holiday dates

27.10.-04.11.2022Autumn holidays
19.12.2022-02.01.2023Christmas holidays
30.01.-03.02.2023Winter holidays
03.04.-14.04.2023Easter holidays
13.07.-25.08.2023Summer holidays
23.10.-03.11.2023Autumn holidays
27.12.2023-05.01.2024Christmas holidays
05.02.-09.02.2024Winter holidays
Changes are possible.

Semester start and finish

Semesters at the Preparatory School have different start and finish dates to those at TU Berlin.

Summer semester: 1 February until 31 August
Winter semester: 1 September until 31 January

The start can vary by a few days from year to year.


Application periods

For the T and W focus courses and the Propädeutikum (via uni-assist)
Application for summer semester: 15 September to 30 November
Application for the winter semester: 15 March to 30 June

For the external assessment test and supplementary test (via uni-assist)
Application to take the tests in the summer semester (June/July): 15 September until 28 February
Application to take the tests in the winter semester (December/January): 15 March to 31 August

Admissions test for applicants with professional qualifications (via the Preparatory School)
The admissions test takes place parallel to the assessment test at the end of the summer and winter semesters (June/July and December/January). Please contact the Preparatory School approximately three months prior to the date of the exam you wish to take at

Changes are possible.


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