International Affairs
Summer and Winter Schools at TU Berlin
Are you an international student interested in studying at TU Berlin? Our summer and winter schools are a wonderful alternative to enrolling in a degree program or participating in an exchange program.

TU Berlin Summer & Winter University

The TU Berlin Summer & Winter University takes place twice a year and offers courses lasting 2-4 weeks. Courses are held in English and participants receive credit points upon successful completion. 

Click here to learn more about the courses offered at the TU Berlin Winter & Summer School. The menu on the left includes detailed information about individual courses, the cultural program, and how to apply.

The TU Berlin Summer & Winter University also offers tailored short courses for universities and organizations interested in sending groups to study in Berlin. Learn more about our offer here.

SummerLanguageSchool German

Do you find it hard to find time to learn a foreign language during the lecture period? Have you thought about spending the summer in Berlin to learn German? Or perhaps you are considering studying abroad, an internship, or a research stay in a German-speaking country?
The Modern Language Center’s summer school allows you to improve your language skills to study and research in the fields of natural science, engineering, planning, building, and the environment. You will learn more about science, research, and everyday student life in Germany as well as experience the cultural metropolis of Berlin through a lively excursion program. Further information is available here.

Summer schools in the academic chairs

Many academic chairs and projects offer summer schools on different topics at TU Berlin. 
Current offers can be found in the event calendar.