International Affairs
Research Stays at TU Berlin
International students also have the option to complete a research stay, write a final thesis, or do an ERASMUS+ traineeship at TU Berlin.
Each case is unique. To help you and your supervisor organize your stay, we have summarized the most important information below:

Final theses and research stays

Option 1: Calls for application 
Some academic chairs and projects advertise proposals for research stays or final theses. You can usually find these directly on the websites of the faculties or the portal Stellenticket TU Berlin. The announcement contains everything you need to know about the application procedure as well as the conditions of your stay at TU Berlin.
Option 2: Unsolicited application 
In most cases, however, research stays and final theses are not advertised. This means you need to make an unsolicited application directly to the professor of your choice:
 1. Research the faculty websites to find out which academic chair is working in your field. Contact the professor by email, briefly introduce yourself, and explain what you aim to achieve through your planned research stay.
 2. The professor will then decide whether they are willing to supervise your research stay. If yes, you can be enrolled at TU Berlin for a limited period of time. This will give you access to the University’s infrastructure and related services.
 3. During your stay you will be supervised by your respective academic chair. Please note that you require a letter of invitation from the professor before you can apply for temporary enrollment.

Erasmus+ traineeship

If you would like to come to TU Berlin with the Erasmus+ Traineeship Program, the information above also applies to you.

However, there are some special features of the Erasmus+ program you should be aware of. These are summarized in the frequently asked questions here:

  •   Do I need to register with the Department of International Affairs?

No, this is not required. We are only responsible for the Erasmus+ Student Mobility Program, i.e. for students studying at TU Berlin for 1-2 semesters within the framework of an exchange agreement. However, we are not responsible for traineeships. Traineeships fall under the remit of the academic chairs. This means that the respective professor decides on your traineeship application and also supervises you during your stay.

  • Who is responsible for my Learning Agreement?

The professor at TU Berlin supervising your stay is also responsible for your Learning Agreement for Traineeships. For further information on the Learning Agreement, please refer to the EU Commission's Guide.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions?

For all questions concerning your Erasmus+ traineeship, please contact your supervisor at TU Berlin. For questions regarding temporary enrollment, please contact the Office of Student Affairs (see "Step-by-Step Guide to Temporary Enrollment").