International Affairs
You are an exchange student and interested in applying for accommodation in a studierendenWERK Berlin dormitory or keen on finding housing on the free market?

The information below is supposed to help you with your room search!

Applying for Accommodation in studierendenWERK Berlin Student Dorms

We have a very small number of rooms available for bilateral exchange program students at TU Berlin at the following studierendenWERK BERLIN dormitories:

dormitory "Hans und Hilde Coppie" and dormitory "Siegmundshof - Haus I (Haus der Nationen)"

You can apply for a room once you have been accepted for a place in an exchange program. 
We will provide you with further details about the different options for applying for a room a few weeks after the deadline for applications to the exchange program has closed (for summer semesters mid-December and for winter semesters mid-July).
As there are more applicants than rooms available, the rooms will be allocated by lottery to ensure a fair system. Owing to the lack of available rooms, we also recommend that you look for alternative accommodation. 
Please note: As an exchange student, you cannot apply directly to studierendenWERK BERLIN for one of our rooms in their dorms!

Alternative housing options

You are also free to look for accommodation on the free housing market, e.g. in a shared flat or an apartment on your own. 
Apart from the studierendenWERK Berlin there are also several other dormitory providers in Berlin available. 

This overview of  further accommodation options is therefore recommended for exchange students who are not offered a room in a student dorm or who wish to make alternative arrangements.